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Under the Sea

Jason deCaires Taylor is an “eco-sculptor” who creates underwater concrete sculptures, offering viewers mysterious look of another world where art gradually changes from the effects of salty water. These site-specific installations are also made to act as artificial reefs, and attract coral life,  fish and other similar living things. His works symbolize a striking communion or collaboration between man and nature.

Taylor’s underwater sculptures change over time through the environmental intervention.  As time goes by his works develop biological growth thereby undergoing evolutionary transformation, and redefining underwater landscape. Taylor states,

It’s environmental evolution, art intervention as growth, or a balancing of relationships.

Here is Taylor’s latest work that he did off the Cancun coast in Mexico.

There were 400 human molds taken from the Mexican people which were then sunk to create the massive  artificial reef.

The project, which is called the Underwater Art Museum, has been installed in the Isla Mujeres National Marine Park, near Cancun, on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

Besides serving as the under water museum for scuba divers’ viewing pleasure, the new reef is created to reduce the pressure on the natural reefs in the area, which already sees 750,000 people visit the park every year.


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