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Typographic Syntax Project

Here is a screenshot displaying the process of my current school Typographic Syntax project. The idea here is was tp choose an object, in my case a rocket, and using typographic syntax, poem, and onomatopoeia, design a box showing different design elements on each side.

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After a lot of deliberations and peer critique I decided to go with the words “Blast” ,¬†onomatopoeia (word sound) Vroosh, and the excerpt from the poem that reads:

“Dont’ believe in all that you’ve been told. The sky’s the limit, you can reach your goals.”

If you are interested in obtaining my illustrated work of the rocket, you can buy it HERE. Since this illustration was done for my class (which does not pay off, in terms of money) I decided not to let my time and efforts go to waste.

Here is the final piece.

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