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The Legendary Sand Art

Jim Denevan is a sand artist who makes large land mass sand designs on beaches and desert. Using only a stick and rake Denevan draws very intricate and well defined geometric shapes similar to crop circles. Sometimes he works with a team of over 40 people, and other times he hooks up a rake to his bike or SUV. His massive drawings take about 7 hours to complete with 30 miles of walking labor. His inspiring art is only temporary as the wind and ocean tides erase it away.Eyeland sand artIllusion sand artLargest Sand DrawingOn May 2009, Jim Denevan created what was said to be the largest sand drawing in the world as wide as Manhattan on hot dry stretches of Black Rock Desert in Nevada. The resulting sand drawing is made entirely freehand without using any measuring tools. From the ground level, these drawn shapes are experienced as places. Places to dwell or reside in, and to measure relation and distance. From sky view the sand art is seen as one giant art piece on canvas, much like clouds in the blue canvas sky.


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