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The Greatest Comic Artist Ever

Today’s comic artists may be great at their technique and what not, but Jack Kirby is considered to be in the league of his own; as someone said, “oceans apart” from the rest of the comic gang.  His accomplishments are conquerous(if such a term exists); they set the standard for the rest of comic artists to follow and learn from. He was a master of visual style, devised whats called a “storytelling language” every comic artist uses today(such as the visual punch effects, and other motion and emotional visual effects, plot division, word bubble..etc ).  He masterfully invented characters, devices, stories, races, worlds, genres, and more.  He is, what is said, carried the comic industry on his shoulders and spurred companies like MARVEl to success. He worked for Marvel a few times and DC Comics.

This newspaper comic strip called the Sky Masters, gives you an idea how Jack Kirby used word bubbles to visually resemble different voice types, the rigid bubble reflects the voice coming from the radio headphones while the standard bubble is clear voice.  This series of Newspaper comics was produced before 1973.

Kirbie’s super heroes were born out of World War II and later out of Cold War saga.  Just when America was dismayed by war and paralyzed by the threats coming out of  Communist Russia, it needed a hero, more than one hero, to hold strong and bold in this unpredictable and unstable world.  Jack Kirby died in 1994 and today remains “the unchallenged master of his domain”.

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