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Ruined Cities

Jiang Pengyi creates miniature sized abandoned city scapes that he calls “Unregistered Cities”.  His creations are both urban and social and as he likes to say “excessive urbanization, redevelopment and demolition”.  The abandoned cities appear in abandoned buildings or properties; the remnants of the past to add to the concept of what the total abandoned world is like.  The abandoned buildings speak of the past.  They were once full of people, economic potential, and life, but today they are ghost like, if only walls could tell us the story of what happened there.

It takes couple of seconds to figure out that between the dump and shadows the “Unregistered Cities” emerge .  Jiang’s art reminds me of miniature sets built for the movie only to be destroyed by natures, or weapons of mass destruction.

Unregistered CitiesUnregistered CitiesUnregistered CitiesUnregistered Cities


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