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Revolution Poster

revolution poster
Every culture and region in one time or another experienced revolution and its impact on society. Currently we follow the revolution of the Arab Spring, and studied the French and Russian revolution of the past. Revolution may sound romantic to those who pursued or backed it but rarely did it yield positive outcomes.  As one historian said “Every revolution burns up and leaves behind only ashes of a new bureaucracy.”

For my project I designed a poster to depict a full fledge revolutionary situation.  With this idea I’m not only trying to raise awareness about the often negative impacts associated with every revolution, but I also attempt to have you live or feel the pain that often follows during the revolution.  The idea is to engage the viewer by placing ’em behind the scene of the burning climactic situation.  All the typography and elements are loosely scattered and compositionally off on purpose. I shot every element individually and then composited it all together using digital tools.

Using green matches, I wanted to sort of portray a rosy outlook those who engage in the revolution contemplate, but once revolution starts burning, it is impossible to extinguish or even control it until it leaves only ashes. Often dictators end up taking control of the revolution. Such is the fate of every revolution that spirals out of control.

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