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Metal Sculptor – Bruce Gray

Bruce Gray is a metal sculptor and artist. He is best know for his metal and kinetic art although he does more than just that. He also produces award winning art on canvas and wall, and is skilled at working with everyday objects. He uses metal inventively, incorporating various types of metal, including but not limited to stainless steel, scrap, aluminum, magnets, and has appeared in numerous art galleries, exhibitions, even motion pictures. He also does a lot of commissioned work. Majority of his work is abstract, composed of linear and geometric shapes. When it comes to themes, he is all over the map, for Bruce, the objective is to create beautiful abstract art.

Motorcycle metalForm Table and High Heel show #4
Linear Deviation #3

Apparition (2008) is an abstract mixed metals (steel, aluminum, and stainless steel) wall sculpture. It is 8 feet wide and is made up of various shapes. This sculpture is not flat it has depth due to metal shapes overlapping each other creating this sort of fantastic negative space and shadow. It was commissioned for some millionaire probably and got published in a Singular magazine too.
Weighs 170 pounds and is 6 feet wide.

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