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Magnificent Abstract Sculptures

Tony Cragg is best known for his abstract sculpture art. Over his life he produced tons of it, and it is best to visit his portfolio website to explore his wealth of work. His sculptures are made using many different materials: stone, clay, bronze, synthetics, carbon…etc. He is very sensitive when it comes to choosing the right materials, as he believes that materials plays an enormous role in evoking feelings and experience.  Most of the abstract work I’ve seen falls short of creating emotional experience, well, because it is very hard for people to relate to abstract work, but Cragg’s work on the other hand does just that, it evokes feelings in us toward forms that we cannot relate to.  The reason for this connection is due to the fact that in mos of his work he tries to convey early forms of life, that is why his work looks very organic, smooth, and curvy….something that we can relate to as humans.

Red Square Sculpture made of BronzeWild Relatives SculptureDice Scultpture

Recently at FIAC 2011 in Paris (20-23 October) Cragg unveiled a series of Dice Sculptures made from hundreds and hundreds of dice. He takes a piece which is a cube which has hard edges and uses it to erect this silky smooth, curvy sculpture.  You almost want to run your hand against the surface of the sculpture to feel the texture that the dices create.
Dice Sculpture

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