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Linking Art and Architecture

When asked in a interview what sort of projects Arne Quinze does, he answered “Everything: Trucks, boats, fashion, shoes, furniture, and lamps. And I don’t have any favorite, I love them all.” What he probably means by that is in his world-view everything he does is perceived to be art, the world around him is art.  He can be working on 30 projects at once and all of them are different. Although he says he does everything and anything, but he got famous in the art world for his intricate wooden structural installations.  The theme he explores in his projects is sociology, or how people interconnect with one another. At least that is kind of interpretation I extracted from his installations.
His art has evolution, just like our lives. He begins exploring ideas with drawings and paintings.  The purpose of that is to fully immures into art and become one with it.  The longer you paint, he says, the more you become one with your art. Later these drawings and paintings become the basis for his large installations. He uses many different types of wood, and most of his installations are painted with one color, which I assume is a form of branding for his style of work.

My Home My House My Stilthouse

My Home My House My Stilthouse installation is one of  Arne’s important works.  In this popular piece he is searching for answers how people go about their every day business, and how they live around each to form what we call a society.

According to Arne, the wooden structures are a bit like human beings — the architecturally the structure is full of contradictions just like people; Individual sticks look fragile but they will survive. Further more these sticks tell a story of how we become less social and more isolated from each other. When we were kids those boundaries were not there, but as we grew older we boxed our selves in our houses and work, and some even climbed up the letter to further isolate themselves from the society, looking down upon society.

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