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Life of a Nail – Vlad Artazov

Using an everyday object such as a nail, Vlad Artazov created a series of arrangements called a Life of a Nail. Vlad is a photographer by trade, but in this unique work he combines simple objects and his professional photography skills to create an illusion of life in everyday objects.

Everyday objects have been used before in photography, but Vlad has taken that idea further by placing nails in different everyday settings and situations and also spicing up the scenes with different lighting moods and depth of field in order to breath a “breath of life” into lifeless nails.  Without the lighting effects, depth of field, and staged background, nails would remain only as still life objects, but we see them transformed into sort of living organisms — become human like; full of life , emotion, and anticipation.

Vlad Artazov’s did not give unique names to each photograph because he meant his work to be looked in a complete set in order to grasp the whole picture of what he was trying to express. He did mostly black and white photography to give us a better focus on the story rather than its surrounding.

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