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My Java Plan

Inspired from a Starbucks coffee cup sleeve my geometric architectural design, which I named “Java Plan”, is a continuous flow of geometric planes folded together in a series while maintaining counter balance and harmony to create a beautiful art form.  If the design is simply unfolded, it would be one long wall.

While fabricating the design from a sketch I had to make couple of decisions. First, to cover the skeletal sections completely with the planes or leave some open, and secondly, to make the skeleton thick or thin.  I decided to stick to the plan on the former but not on the latter, because I wanted to maintain the flow of the planes as they are folded, and make the skeleton thick enough to hold the design together and make it prominent enough to balance the skin and skeleton visually.

The Java Plan allowed me to examine and better understand balance as it relates to linear structure as well as realize the complexity of a simple design.

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