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Bringing Us Closer to Nature

Jarod Charzewski is an installation artist. He creates variety of large installations experimenting with different objects and materials and even does multimedia installation. In all his work he examines landscapes and people, man-made structures in nature, and fluid designs. His child hood memories, while growing up in prairie land, is what drives his themes and inspires his sensibility. Jarod also loves space, and he takes a lot of it, because he believes that the large space surrounds peoples’ experience and gets them in tune with art, and enhances their relationship with nature. Nature and people are inseparable, but sometimes people isolate themselves form nature by hiding in their man made environments, thereby becoming foreign to nature and become unafraid to liter it. Jarod’s art tries to engage a person back into a healthy relationship with nature, and examine such subjects as environment and natural resources.

This exhibition titled Scarp was installed at the Halsey Institute for Contemporary Art. This installation projects America’s consumer culture which leads to over-sized landfill sites.Here he uses tons of clothing to look like prairie landscape. It explores the idea of land as history or evolution. A section of exposed earth reveals sedimentary layers. These layers resemble the history of earth.

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