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Google Logo Gained Some Weight

Not sure who noticed this besides me (I may be a lone wolf on this), but it seems to me that the new Google logo has gained some weight. Whether Google intended to give their logo some more meat in its latest redesign or not, but I can’t stop from noticing the extra pounds it acquired.  It does, however, suit Google’s economic portrayal well, since we know, Google has been gobbling up companies like a cookie monster while also growing into different economic sectors, essentially taking market share away from other

On the other hand you could have almost predicted that at one point Google would drop serif typeface in its logotype for san-serif. Why? Because everyone else is doing it—Microsoft, Lenovo, Verizon, to name a few. This new trend, no doubt, wast started with digital revolution, becoming popular during the flat design trend.  Every brand wants to portray itself as mechanical and neutral these days for some trendy reason. Let me elaborate.  Many brands have come to this notion that they need to dial down on the portrayal of their character in their logo, and make it look indifferent and unbiased. It’s kind of reflective of our culture these days in some way if you delve in a little deeper. Anyways, we already went through this kind of design period before, it was called Modernism, when every brand and every institution, adopted Helvetica as the default type of visual rhetoric.  It seems companies such as Google and Microsoft feel the need to evolve into something more mechanical and robotic but what has happened instead is, now they look more lifeless than more mechanical; still exhibiting some form with the outer shell, but completely empty on the inside.  The only character that is left in the Google logo is color, the rest has been stripped off. I understand the fact that Google had other reasons for changing their logo, such as it is more “responsive” can be easily adopted to different form factors, but that’s the only positive I have to say about it.

Now, let me dive into the nitty-gritty, the technical side of whats bothering me about the new logo. Extra weight is one thing but I noticed an uneven weight distribution between characters. The “G” looks fine in terms of weight, because of its sheer size, but the little cute “oo’s” and “e” kind of look fat in comparison because of their significant size/height difference (see image below). If the lowercase characters could loose a pixel of weight I guess I would be more satisfied.


Im curious to know who is going to be the next victim of this logo redesign trend?

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