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Daze Vase

Jigsaw puzzles are ready made objects for children and adults to help brain development, provide leisure, and challenge. However, inspired by some of the artists working with found/ready made objects I pondered whether puzzles can be used to make new kind of art. One Jigsaw Puzzle contains a small portion of a picture and servers a purpose in its intended spot and arrangement to complete an image. A jigsaw puzzle is not only a readymade object, it is ready to be assembled.

Comprised of approximately 7000 jigsaw puzzle my Daze Vase is an overwhelming representation of an image in a three dimensional space.  With my vase I alter the purpose of jigsaw pieces by having them function outside their intended spot or purpose, and allow myself to dictate how and what I want to assemble, rather than having the puzzle pieces dictate to me how I ought to use them and where I should place them.  Breaking this convention, frees up the puzzles and I from the bondage of dictatorship which plaques many craft items sold at the stores. By connecting puzzles vertically, one on top of another other, I still created an image, but it is a different image, the one I envisioned, and as an added bonus it takes on a additional role — it functions as a flower vase or some other vase.

After I was half way through the curve I created a ring from a sheet of paper to separate the bottom half from the top half, so that when I was done with the full curve, I could take out the inside vase that I used as a model around which I built my form.

For my Daze Vase I used 7 different jigsaw puzzle games in a layered sort of sediment structure. Traditional representations of art in puzzle pieces were used for the base representing early forms of art. As I built higher, I layered more modern and contemporary puzzles pieces sort of uniting all forms of art in one universal nirvana.

This project allowed me to view readymade objects differently than how I’m used to looking at them.  It is almost like a dazzling moment or a revelation when you realize it.

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