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Daniel Arsham

It is not easy to categorize Daniel Arsham because he works with so many different styles and variety of mediums that it is impossible to track his work. Even Daniel is vague about it when he categorized his own work in two, three, and four dimensions. I guess it is his personality, because he is the kind of person that does not need much. He lives in his studio, because he was too lazy to drive from home to work all the time. So out of storage he built himself a bedroom, which has very little furniture and a bed in the middle. That’s how he rolls in life. If you ask him, what is a home, he would answer “A home is you” or something of that nature. To us regular folks a home might be something physical, a house, a family..etc.

Below are my favorite pieces that come from Daniel’s third dimension work.  What is interesting about this work is it looks natural and unnatural at the same time.  It is also hard to recognize as sculptures because it is depended upon the environment it is in.  You take a chewed up wall for example, how do you classify it as a sculpture? The only way you can classify it as sculpture as if the museum wall itself becomes not only the part of work, but the absolute work itself.

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