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Colorful Plywood Mosaics by Aske

Aske can be best described as a graffiti artist.  Although he does not actively pursue graffiti anymore, writing graffiti on Moscow urban walls is how he launched his art career.  His early graffiti techniques show through in all his art styles; from illustrations, typography, and even plywood. Since I’m fascinated with color, I found his use of vibrant colors very interesting, because it brings a positive attitude to what could seem like negative art subjects. He also does a lot of commissioned work for big name brands such as Nike, Nokia…etc.  His distinct style, and use of color is what makes his stuff marketable and perceivable.

In his latest work, Aske created this colorfully striking series of plywood artworks for the Faces & Laces Street Culture Show.

This piece called “Radiance, which was made out of hand carved plywood and painted with acrylics, and  76x76cm in size is one of his popular displays. As for the technique used, he first, creates vector images based on his sketches; carves all the details out of plywood using a scroll saw; then smooths them with a sandpaper. And finally I paints all the pieces and glues them together.

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