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Illustrations that Interact with Physical Environment

Cesar Del Valle is an illustrator who sketches realistic looking figures of people.  There is nothing special or stunning about his illustrations, that is if we leave this subject at that and click next, but what is unique about his work is that he makes his drawings interact with the physical environment by placing them in the right spot, or applying a physical material with which the character seems to be merges with. This interaction bring the character alive and much closer to our physical environment by creating the illusion that the character it is one step closer to our dimension.

All these pieces are untitled.  In this piece the drawn character is interacting with a physical thereby tricking our senses as to whether the character is a live or not. This simple addition to a regular illustration makes a world of a difference in our viewing experience.  This is one of those artistic applications which makes you wonder “How come I didn’t think of that?”.



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