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The beauty of Art Sculptures is that you can make them out of anything, because the medium is anything you want it to be.  In this blog post I will not focus on one particular artist, because in this series of art sculptures different groups of people participated and competed in an annual event hosted by Food Bank, called “Canstruction”.  In this competition many groups produced amazing sculptures made out of food cans. Wish I could tell you who won, but I don’t seem to find the answer.  Twenty-Six Design and Architecture firms participated in this fall event. After the event all cans were donated to the needy and hungry children for Thanks Giving.   Here are some highlights:

Similar food bank competition go on in other states such as Michigan. It could be interesting to get students involved in such a collaborative project to entice some creativity.  The purpose of these sculptures is to drive change, as they say “IT STARTS WITH ONE CAN. TO FEED THE HUNGRY. TO LIFT THE SPIRIT. TO CHANGE THE WORLD.”To see more amazing purpose driven canned food sculptures go to



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