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Boundary Breaking Art

If you never saw what “think outside the box” looks like visually, then this work from Yuki Matsueda will help you see it.  In this series of Yuki’s boundary breaking art, called the “Escape”, he transforms 2D art into 3D, or at least some elements of it, thus having art go out of its boundary.  It seems as if his art is frozen in time while showing us before our very eyes how the elements try to escape from their intended boundaries, at the same time displaying some sense of movement. His work is very well crafted and nicely polished.

Yuki uses very simple themes such as this Escape sign to make his point ring simple and true. This piece is also one of my favorites because it’s simple concept resembles us in so many ways. To accomplish this unique artistic task he uses some sort of clear acrylic resin and pushes the elements through while it is still flexible.

His art reminds me of us people trying to break free from our boundaries that were set before us by our society, our parents, and by our own selves. We may think we have broken free, escaped far away, but there is always this invisible force, like the clear acrylic resin, which bounds us to our heritage, or our place on earth what ever it may be.  We can only go as far while living, only death can server as a true escape and  separate us from this world.

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