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Andy Paiko – Glass Sculptor

Andy Paiko

Andy Paiko is an American glass sculptor based in Portland Oregon. His glass works portray an antiquated style from a few centuries back, some of which is based on historical designs of Leonardo Da Vinci and Victorian era. They also have a sense of magical or spiritual force behind them, or like the old school mad science lab exhibition.  I am reminded of Harry Potter as I look at the glass jars with interesting uncanny artifacts inside them that are meant to capture my attention and unleash my imagination. Andy’s unique treatment of glass reflects a notion that glass has a lasting position in our culture; and therefore is worthy of aesthetic contemplation.

Andy Paiko


His career as a glass sculptor began unexpectedly, yet has evolved as a function of his personality. Glass has become his primary voice, his way of communicating experience and creative focus. Free from color, Andy uses clear glass in his creations to re-contextualize the common object.

Paiko’s works are not only pieces of static art either, some of it is functional and operable, like this seismograph. The seismograph is based on Newton’s First Law of Physics – Objects at rest tend to stay at rest.

Andy Paiko - Seismograph

Andy Paiko was named Searchlight Artist 2008 by the American Craft Council and in 2013 selected for a group exhibition at the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Renwick Gallery.

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