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A Comic Artist – Boise Art Museum

Jim Woodring is a rising start among comic artists because of his unusually unique visual style and “wordless” narrative. When I looked at his art piece at the Boise Art Museum, it was one of a few that stood out, and I was intrigued that his comic had no words, no narrative. What made me stop and look and to snap a picture of it? It’s his unique style, it’s like judging the book by it’s cover, we all use it when we don’t know if it’s good or not unfortunately. Anyways, Jim’s use of line work makes that black and white cartoonish comic look colorful, if you know what I mean. You can sense the color resonate through the artwork.

I’m not a big comic fan, but one thing that intrigued me about comic artists, is how good they are at drawing emotion and action. Although it is exaggerated to the extreme, yet it resembles our inner self; the kind of commotion we go through when we are sad, mad, and sad again.

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